International Real Estate in Alabama

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International transactions contribute to the expansion of the U.S. real estate market. In its 2014 National Association of REALTORSĀ® Profile of International Home Buying Activity, NAR estimated the volume of international sales for the period covering April 2013-March 2014 at $ 92.2 billion, which is approximately 7 percent of total existing home sales during the same period. Sales were roughly split between clients who reside outside of the United States and those who are recent immigrants (less than two years) or who are temporarily residing in the United States for business, work, education, or vacation purposes.

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– Immigrants Admitted in 2011: 4,063
– Citizens Naturalized in 2011: 2,439
– Top 5 Immigration Origination Countries: South Korea, Mexico, China, India, Phillippines
– Countries with Highest Foreign Direct Investment Employment: Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, France
– Top Exports: Coal, passenger vehicles, polycarbonates
– Top Export Partners: Canada, China, Germany, Mexico, JapanFull international business report (